Walking in a winter wonderland!

Winter walks can be a wonderful thing, with the crisp frosty ground crunching under your feet and clear cold skies showing off breathtakingly views. In order to really enjoy are great walk this time of year the key is in the preparation, as a wise man once said ‘there is no wrong weather, just the wrong clothes’, so in this week’s blog we’re going to give you some tips for having a great winter walk.

Make everything nice and toasty If you start off nice and warn the better the chances are that you’ll stay that way. Why not warm up your base layers, sock, gloves and hats next to a fire or on the radiator. Be careful to keep an eye on them you don’t want them to get so hot that they catch alight.

Keeping at the right temperature When we think about a winter walk the first thing, we think about is keeping out the cold, but you have to keep in mind not overheating. To avoid sweating it’s best to wear breathable layers which will wick the sweat away from the body.

Beware the wind There are a lot…

Fishing tips for those who'll even go out in the snow!

When you love fishing so much, you’ll even go out in this weather!
We understand how fanatical people can be about fishing, some even love fishing more in the crazy winter weather. So we thought we should run through some essentials for staying warm and dry even on the stormiest days.
Flotation SuitsFlotation suits are great for keeping you protected against the wind, rain and cold. However they are not just about keeping warm they're also about keeping you safe. It can be a exciting challengebattling against the elements, but it's very easy to loose your footing and get swept into the water. A flotation suit works like a life jacket as a buoyancy aid helping you stay a float until help arrives. 
They come as suits or as separate jackets and trouser sets.

Thermal Suits, Jackets,Trousers & FootwearIf you feel that you're not going to be in a position where a flotation suit would be  required, you'll still need to keep warm and dry.  Thermal clothing is has always been gr…

Delicious recipes to make the most of your pigeon shoot!

Pigeon Shooting Season is here!Pigeon shooting season is upon us again and we here at Reid Outdoorsare hoping that your shooting days go so well that you have an abundance of birds. So we've put together a selection of our favourite recipes to help you get the most from your rewards.
Pigeon & Beetroot Salad
This is one our favourite recipes on the BBC Good Food website. The game, fruit and beetroot really compliment each other.
Ingredients:1 tbsp olive oil1 garlic clove1 rosemary Sprig4 pigeon breasts100g bag washed watercress1 eating apple4 cooked beetroots (not in vinegar)100g toasted roughly chopped hazelnutsFor the dressing 1 tsbp balsamic vinegar3 tsbp olive oil
MethodMake the dressing by mixing the balsamic and olive oil together.
Heat the oil in a frying pan. Add the garlic and rosemary, then the seasoned pigeon breasts. Cook for 3 mins on each side and remove to a plate.

Divide the watercress between 4 plates, arrange the apple and beetroot over, then the sliced pigeon breast…

A great day for those hard working beaters!

Beaters' Day is coming!
After months of scrambling through trees, bushes and hedgerow, wading through mud and ice beaters get to the end of the season and the arrival of the long-awaited beaters’ day. Traditionally, it was the day that the estate owner gave to his gamekeeper to invite his friends along to shoot. It has changed over the years and the keepers’ day is now more often referred to as the beaters’ day.

It’s a great day to reward all the hard work that the beaters’ do all throughout the shooting season. A day where Legends may be forged, reputations might be left in tatters, but one thing is for sure: there will be men, ladies, boys and girls stood with a gun in their hands who have waited for the opportunity since the start of the season. They've earned it.
So if you’re hosting one of these great shooting days, make sure your wonderful beaters get the days shooting that they deserve and if you’re a beater getting ready for the big day click the image below to check out …

Even in breezy weather the coast has something to offer!

Great Coastal Walks in the U.K
Even though it's colder and breezier outside we still love a good stroll. As long as we've got our wind and water proof clothing on, with a sturdy pair of boots there's nothing stopping us. Of course it's very easy for us, as we're based in the beautiful fishing town of Brixham surrounded by wonderful coast line to walk along. In this weeks blog we want to share with you some of the best coastal walks in the U.K and yes will be starting with gorgeous Devon.

Riviera Line - Paignton Station- BrixhamI know that we're being very bias, but in our defence there is extra something that makes this walk special. Walking away from the traditional seaside town of Paignton towards Brixham, will lead you through beaches such as Goodrington & Broadsands, followed by little coves such as Elberry and  Fishcombe.  

It's not just the stunning coast and woods that make this magical, but the Dartmouth Steam Railway that runs alongside parts walk…

A Gorgeous Days Shooting at Chargot Estate

A Gorgeous Days Shooting at Chargot Estate As a special treat for Christmas I finally got to tick a shoot off my bucket list. Hosted by BettwsHall the Chargot shoot was one that I had been top of my list to take part in for many years and it didn’t disappoint.

Betts Hall run exceptional shooting days taking place on their sporting estates across Wales and the South West of England. They’re well known for being leaders in game production, producing the best quality birds for a great days shooting.

Chargot is one of the UK’s most renowned estates located at the foot of the stunning ExmoorNational Park in Somerset. The steep valleys and open moorland make this the perfect place for a traditional pheasant & partridge shoot.

We arrived early for the shot which started at 9 am, but the early start was made easier due to our hosts. The Bettws Hall representatives had everything set up for us, so the only thing that we needed to do was go to our pegs and get ready to shoot.

I took my trust…