Fishing tips for those who'll even go out in the snow!

When you love fishing so much, you’ll even go out in this weather!

We understand how fanatical people can be about fishing, some even love fishing more in the crazy winter weather. So we thought we should run through some essentials for staying warm and dry even on the stormiest days.

Flotation Suits

Flotation suits are great for keeping you protected against the wind, rain and cold. However they are not just about keeping warm they're also about keeping you safe. It can be a exciting challenge battling against the elements, but it's very easy to loose your footing and get swept into the water. A flotation suit works like a life jacket as a buoyancy aid helping you stay a float until help arrives. 

They come as suits or as separate jackets and trouser sets.

Thermal Suits, Jackets,Trousers & Footwear

If you feel that you're not going to be in a position where a flotation suit would be 
required, you'll still need to keep warm and dry.  Thermal clothing is has always been great way to stay warm, but with the advancements in technology this clothing has now moved into outerwear. 
There's a great selection of trousers, suits, jackets & footwear to choose and all from some of your favourite fishing brands such as; Prologic, Imax & Savage Gear.


Waders are great for getting into the water to extend your casting. Depending on how far you intend to go, they come in thigh, waist and chest height . Most are either nylon or neoprene. The nylon do tend to be cheaper, but if you're going out in colder conditions the neoprene are warmer.

We hope that these suggestions have been helpful and that you stay warm, dry and safe during your winter fishing trips.

As per usual we'd love see your fishing photos and stories, just add them in the comments below.

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