Just because the nights are getting darker, doesn't mean the shooting has to stop!

Here at Reid Outdoors we're so passionate about shooting that we don't let the dark nights stop us getting out there. In this weeks blog we're going to discuss hunting at night.

Tips & Tactics

Hunting at night can bring an abundance of rewards, as more animals make their way out into the open under the cover of darkness. This is a great time to see Rabbits and Rats moving further away from their nests and warrens. 

We suggest moving along the sides of the fields near where the nests/warrens are to block their escape. Move out from here scanning the field with a lamp. If you see anything you could take a free shoot, but we fins it's better to get into a kneeling stance , this way you're on their level and more hidden. One thing to keep in mind at night is that the dim light can make the targets seem further away than they are, so you'll need to take this into account before firing.

Although you're going to see more rabbits in fields, if you're interested shooting rats you may have to move in and around barns and farms.

See in the dark

You could go for a night vision scope if night hunting is you passion or stick with lamps and gun torches. For more ideas in night vision click on either of the images below to see what items are out there.

We hope that this weeks blog has inspired you to venture out into the night.


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