A Gorgeous Days Shooting at Chargot Estate

A Gorgeous Days Shooting at Chargot Estate

As a special treat for Christmas I finally got to tick a shoot off my bucket list. Hosted by BettwsHall the Chargot shoot was one that I had been top of my list to take part in for many years and it didn’t disappoint.

 Shooting at Chargot

Betts Hall run exceptional shooting days taking place on their sporting estates across Wales and the South West of England. They’re well known for being leaders in game production, producing the best quality birds for a great days shooting.

Chargot is one of the UK’s most renowned estates located at the foot of the stunning Exmoor National Park in Somerset. The steep valleys and open moorland make this the perfect place for a traditional pheasant & partridge shoot.

We arrived early for the shot which started at 9 am, but the early start was made easier due to our hosts. The Bettws Hall representatives had everything set up for us, so the only thing that we needed to do was go to our pegs and get ready to shoot.

 Glorious Chargot

I took my trusty Krighoff with Basierie & Pellgari cartridges. The 36grm 4’s did a great job and I had a successful shoot. 

 My Gun slips & cartridge case by Croots

My ever ready Gundog Judy collected up my successes and brought them back for the people at BattwsHall to process. Battws Hall are firm believers that birds should not be wasted. For a company that is a leader in game production, it seems wasteful to not follow the process through to consuming what is shot.

 Best friend Judy

As a little extra treat to a wonderful day, Battws Hall gave me some pre-packed pheasant breasts form a previous shot that they hosted. This was greatly appreciated as it meant that I could finish this amazing day by going home and cooking up a delicious dinner.

 Great Game!

I would personally recommend Battws Hall shoots to anyone, they have a friendly, professional team who can’t do enough to make sure you have the best experience possible. This was the perfect way to start my Christmas break.

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We would love to hear about your favourite places to shoot, please leave any suggestions and stories in the comments section below.

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