Even in breezy weather the coast has something to offer!

Great Coastal Walks in the U.K

Even though it's colder and breezier outside we still love a good stroll. As long as we've got our wind and water proof clothing on, with a sturdy pair of boots there's nothing stopping us. Of course it's very easy for us, as we're based in the beautiful fishing town of Brixham surrounded by wonderful coast line to walk along. In this weeks blog we want to share with you some of the best coastal walks in the U.K and yes will be starting with gorgeous Devon.

Riviera Line - Paignton Station- Brixham   

I know that we're being very bias, but in our defence there is extra something that makes this walk special. Walking away from the traditional seaside town of Paignton towards Brixham, will lead you through beaches such as Goodrington & Broadsands, followed by little coves such as Elberry and  Fishcombe.  

It's not just the stunning coast and woods that make this magical, but the Dartmouth Steam Railway that runs alongside parts walk. An extra little something for children of all ages to enjoy waving to.

Geevor Tin Mine Circular

Down here in the South West of England it's not just the Devon coast that we have to enjoy we also have the Cornish coast as well. Last summer we had a lovely holiday on the North Cornwall coast where we enjoyed the Geevor Tin Mine Circular. 

This walk will take you round some stunning coast, with the tin mine and coastguard cottages to the Chun Downs with Chun Castle. A very enjoyable walk for all the family.

we haven't seen as much of the stunning coast line that the UK has to offer as we would like, but friends have told us of beautiful walks that they have taken, so here are some of their suggestions.

Gower coast from Three Cliffs Bay

This stunning coastline was a finalist in the ITV series 'Britain's Favourite View' and having been to the Gower in the past it's easy to understand why. This walk takes in dramatic limestone cliffs and beautiful beaches. 

Mull of Galloway Trail 

We have a strong connection to Scotland, having started our business there back in 1972, so we really wanted to talk about a walk that friends have recommended. 
 The Mull of Galloway Trail isn't a short walk, but we're told it's one of the best. Taking in this unspoiled peninsula with it's sandy beaches, quiet little villages and RSPB reverse, this is a walk that has to be top of everyone's list.

We hope that this has given you some ideas for winter walks and weekends away. If you have any coastal walks that you think we should know about, please tell us the comments section below. We look forward to hearing everyone's suggestions.

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